Res4City Startup Europe Accelerathon seeks green solutions for smart cities

The Res4City Startup Europe Accelerathon consists of an applied open innovation competition to respond to the challenges of smart cities related to renewable energy, the circular economy and fuel technologies.

Res4City is a 36-month European project with a budget of 2.5 million euros. Its objective is to promote the development of renewable energy and fuel technologies in cities by co-designing an innovative educational program and promoting sustainability and circularity for a successful energy transition.

The proposals presented to the Accelerathon must provide a solution to one of the three challenges contemplated. The first refers to using intelligent energy storage to improve the availability and reliability of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a context in which the transition towards electromobility will mean a 25% increase in electricity demand with respect to current levels by 2040.

Students, SMEs, entrepreneurs, researchers, startups, organizations and public and private entities from around the world can present their ideas until February 15.

More information can be found here.