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TheCircularLab has created the first catalogue of startups in the circular economy sector.

What's its mission?

goCircular Radar seeks to promote the visibility of new and innovative companies in a growing sector such as the circular economy.
In addition to promoting the success of startups, it seeks to enhance the capacities of this sector and attract potential clients, collaborators, investors and other economic agents, so as to gain their trust in the future development potential of the circular economy sector.

What do you get when your startup joins the goCircular Radar community?

  • Visibility and business. Promoting that public and private entities can contact and hire the services or products of your startup. You will be part of the largest European showcase for circular economy startups, promoting your company in front of the players in the sector and in front of the 15,000 companies that are part of Ecoembes.
  • Challenges. You can register your startup in European Challenges to solve innovation challenges for companies and public administration. Here you can visit two examples: Circular Urban Challenge and Circular Packaging Challenge.
  • Events. You will participate in all kinds of specialised events where you can directly meet other startups and other stakeholders in the circular economy sector.
  • Knowledge. You will have access to sector reports on the evolution of the circular economy startup sector and attend training webinars organised for community startups. In addition, you will receive the goCircular Radar newsletter on a regular basis.
  • Attendance. You will be able to raise technical queries through the communication channel with innovation experts from TheCircularLab.

What requirements must your startup meet to become part of goCircular Radar?

  • It must be incorporated already, meaning it must have its own legal personality as a limited company or social economy undertaking, and be less than 10 years old at the time of the registration of the startup in goCircular Radar.
  • Have highly innovative products or business model.
  • Offer a portfolio of solutions or products that can contribute to the circular economy.

What is the process to participate?

You just have to fill in the form with information about your startup. The process is completely free.
After receiving the application, a team of technical experts in the field of circular economy, belonging to TheCircularLab, will assess the applications and decide if each startup meets the requirements to be incorporated into goCircular Radar.

GoCircular Radar promoters


TheCircularLab is the Ecoembes open innovation center in circular economy located in Logroño, which focuses its activity on the study, testing and development of best practices in the field of packaging and its subsequent recycling.


The non-profit organization that takes care of the environment through recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain. Ecoembes makes it possible for plastic containers, cans and cartons (yellow container) and cardboard and paper containers (blue container) to have a second life.