Startups of the month – September

This month we introduce you to the startups Gloop, Green Forest Wear and Otro Tiempo Otro Planeta, which are already part of the goCircular Radar community.

Gloop, Revolución Sostenible SL, produces and markets edible cutlery with the aim of replacing single-use plastic. It mainly offers spoons, coffee stirrers and straws for both business and home use. In addition to having different flavors, the kitchenware it produces is suitable for vegans and is gluten-free. It is currently developing new improved moisture absorption products.

At Green Forest Wear you will find garments made with quality and durable ecological fabrics that respect the environment and people. This company produces with respect for fair trade and the environment.

Otro Tiempo Otro Planeta is a job placement company for victims of gender violence and/or at risk of social exclusion through the collection of used cooking oil, coffee capsules and plastic caps.