This is my story – CM Plastik

In today’s interview we get to know the startup CM Plastik. We interview its founder, Carlos Martínez.


What problem does your start-up address and what solution does it propose?

CM PLASTIK provides a solution to the environmental and social crisis caused by the extreme generation of waste in our society, and more specifically, to the problems caused by all types of plastic waste.

The solution we propose is based on disposing of by-products from local entities through personalized waste consulting, R&D and product development processes, in order to prevent them from not ending up in an appropriate management space, or accumulated in the environment. This way, we manage to give them a new, useful and long-lasting life.

In addition, we also help those entities that want to launch a recycled product on the market, but do not have a specific waste product, so we offer them the possibility of obtaining a product with materials from our “Plastic Headquarters”. In it you will find various types of materials recovered from CM PLASTIK’s local environments for your project.

How and why did you start this entrepreneurial adventure? 

It started as an urban furniture company that provided outlets for waste from nearby towns in the form of benches, trash cans, etc.; and which, over time, has transformed into a company that offers solutions to all types of waste and entities (public and private).

The advice that I could provide based on my experience to new entrepreneurs, although it sounds typical, would be: “Do not be intimidated by the inconveniences along the way, if you have an idea and a clear purpose, fighting for it will be worth it. ”

How do you expect the sector to evolve? And what expectations do you have for your start-up?

Addressing the waste materials we generate is crucial, and is increasingly reflected in the management regulations that are emerging. It is a sector that improves its offer of solutions and technology every year.

Any new developments in the near future that you would like to share with the rest of the start-ups?

Yes, we have many news for the next season. Soon, we will be able to offer not only feasibility of production of a waste material or an idea, but we will also be able to carry out communication campaigns where the traceability of the project is observed, as well as the calculation of the carbon footprint of its product.

In what areas would you like to collaborate with other start-ups, companies or other organisations?

We have always liked to collaborate with startups and people with new ideas that pose a challenge. We believe that it is very important to make creativity viable with an environmental and social purpose. We think it is very important, and yet, there are few large companies that support and give productive capacity to small companies.

Your startup participates in the goCircular Pass mentoring program in collaboration with SECOT, could you tell us about this experience?

We are lucky to be the first business mentoring pilot project together with SECOT, thanks to TheCircularLab, and the truth is that it is being a very enriching experience. It is a luxury to be able to count on professionals with so much experience who can help you in a personalized way both to give consistency to your strengths and to know and improve your weaknesses.


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