We are more than 300 startups!

We’re celebrating at goCircular Radar. Our community of entrepreneurs and open innovation in the circular economy has already surpassed 300 startups, located in more than 20 countries. To celebrate this, we are launching our first circular economy startup map.

goCircular Radar is an initiative promoted by TheCircularLab of Ecoembes, created to increase the visibility of new innovative companies in the circular economy sector, encourage networking, generate new business and accelerate their expansion process.

This map integrates startups operating in eight axes: “plastics”, “packaging”, “water, food and nutrients”, “electronics and ICT”, “textile”, “vehicles and batteries”, “building and construction” and “other chains of value.”

We continue to grow together, committed to promoting innovative solutions that help support the circular economy.

You can download the goCircular Radar map here and share it among your contacts.

Thank you for helping us to promote a more circular economy!